donderdag 3 mei 2012

The Illuminati: The Tupac Hologram Conspiracy

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  1. Wat ontzettend flauw en saai is die gast. Hij maakt ook niet eens een statement ofzo.

    En wat het onderwerp "tupac hologram" betreft, dit vind ik een goed onderbouwde, goed geschreven mening over het onderwerp.

    "(...) he had a kind of “larger-than-life” aura surrounding him (which only amplified after his death) 2Pac was very human. Like all of us, he had strengths, weaknesses and emotions. And he was not afraid to show them. (...)In interviews, he could be either loud, cocky and arrogant or soft spoken, smart and insightful. Like many compelling artists, the were many sides to him, like there are many sides to all of us. All of his sides were apparent because, unlike most record industry artists, he was real.

    Sadly, that hologram at Coachella, wasn’t.

    It was 2Pac – if he was stripped of everything that made him real, human and authentic and then infused with a bunch of computer hocus pocus. (...) witnessing a dead person artificially re-animated and controlled by unseen programmers felt wrong. 2Pac was anything but an empty shell controlled by unseen programmers…

    (...) Even worse, there are talks of bringing other artists back from the dead like Jimi Hendrix and…Kurt Cobain *shudders*. These artists all became legends due to their authenticity, originality and their ability to touch their listener’s soul. They were the exact opposites of pre-programmed, dehumanized and synthesized visual illusions. Furthermore, they were often at odds with the record industry’s shady ways and hypocrisies, which caused them lots of troubles with the powers that be. Seeing their likeness used by this industry to make them say and act a certain way is simply the opposite everything they stood for.

    Maybe those behind the 2Pac hologram did it with good intentions. Maybe it was even done out of love and respect for him. But I did not feel it. It was creepy, awkward and, most importantly, it wasn’t 2Pac."

  2. Smaken verschillen, ik houd hem er voorlopig in, hoewel dit niet zijn sterkste bijdrage is.

  3. ... Ben ik nou in de war? Ik dacht dat die gast een complotter was (soort ons-kent-ons humor van complotters onderling, a la TFN Newz), maar jij ziet het als satirische knipoog naar complotters?

  4. Ik zou die vorige afleveringen nog eens bekijken.